Improves your projects !

LE PÉLIKAN is specially made for professionnals who needs to improve their Image, Communication, Management or Leadership.

Projects could be creating a company, a new brand. Taking over a marketing strategy, switching image, improving a website, using efficient management softwares. Leading your employee’s team as much as leading yourself. Each idea is unique, just like you ! 

Each production from LE PÉLIKAN is wholly-made, creating its own style according to your personnality. Its specificity ? The use of a development method : this way, you keep control on your production and validate each step. It brings a capital gain and puts you in the center of your project.


Make your life easy !


 We manage your whole project

And use custom means. It depends on what you need : Strategies, Communication & Marketing, Leadership.


  We bring you a ponctual assistance

We answer your technical questions or support you during some hours or days.


 We give you specific training

For yourself or your team. Your company gets more skills and autonomy.